-I N F I N I T E P O S S I B I L I T E S-V O L . 1

This month we are starting a monthly guest blog written by Hillary Stone, the Industry Liaison- Internship Manager for Kent State’s Fashion School.


Welcome! Let us begin this season to come together as a force of sharing and experiences. Within these next several months, we will form a circle, engage to strengthen, and acquire the knowledge to carry-on sending messages of hope believing we are nature’s gifts. Utilizing the seasons, we will recognize how we are interconnected while still developing at our own pace.

Use this to learn, embrace, and acquire the tools needed to support the unknown journey ahead. I will ask each of you a series of questions. The answers provided would open all to a discussion and reflection on how we may expand our awareness by learning from each other. Within the month, please submit any comments and/or questions only to receive words of wisdom from all. At the beginning of each month, I will provide you with a new series of questions to support you in reaching your next level of growth.


We are blessed to receive the bounty of fall. Living in the Midwest, our senses truly witness the seasonal changes. It is time to acknowledge what we achieved and lost. Fall is the balance of light and dark. It is the Equinox – when the sun crosses the equator, thus our day and night span equal lengths of time. The fall also represents the harvest of our bounty, the gifts of summer bearing the hard work.

Fall denotes how we may also face impermanence; signifying the end and how we accept, embrace, and most of all respect life’s fragility. We prepare for winter as the light begins to fade and our nights are longer. Calling something a loss or an end may also mean a new start.


What is your Bounty? List 5 of your Achievements experienced this past year. How you are able share and connect theses experiences with others?

Now, list 5 of your Losses experienced this past year. Can you see how it can be a new beginning?

I look forward to your words and always with Gratitude


One thought on “-I N F I N I T E P O S S I B I L I T E S-V O L . 1

  1. Achievements
    Continued health of all my family members and friends
    Gained a deeper motivation for my family well-being and disconnectedness
    Continued overall success in my career
    Coming to (not there yet) a clearer understanding of how I can have balance in my life
    Closer to discovering who I am which has had an indirect effect of me strengthen my relationship with God.

    no major losses
    minor losses are normal and a way of life.
    thank God I had no major losses this year


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