Guest Blogger – Hillary Stone, Kent State Fashion School

Once upon a time in a far away place located in a Northeast Ohio suburb lived a woman who year after year looked forward to the holidays for mainly one reason…The Hallmark Channel’s Holiday/Christmas Movies. Each year she anticipates watching the celebration of love while knowing that there is always the constant theme of what it means to possess true spirit.

“We cannot lose hope father, for snow will fall and the factory will be up and running, but most of all, you and your one true love will find each other on Christmas morning.” Really, yes, really…Each movie starts with a sadden theme, but in the end, all will be cheering, hugging and patting each other’s backside. So what does this say about this woman and why does she look forward to this time each year?

She knows that life happens and the choices she makes are the natural consequence of her actions. She understands that the words should, could, would, and deserve have more harm than meaning. That one’s personal journey cannot contain those words, because it limits growth, hope, and most of all, the gratitude of past, present, and future. She watches with glee knowing that her day will come and for herself and for her family and friends. That there is hope and many blessings, but sometimes we may overlook and not acknowledge the ones around us and/or even ourselves. She is human and does not strive to be the perfect woman, wife, mother, friend, and designer/artist, but works to be most excellent in her actions with herself and all.

So, as we embark on 2017, we know that The Hallmark Channel reinforces these actions demonstrating how one can truly live in the positive and learn how to become the champion when conquering the negative. So who is she? She is me…J.

And yes, Readers, I have my plans for tonight with popcorn in hand and my daughter by my side…J

HALLMARK GIFT (S) – identifying & SHARING

Can you imagine looking at your life and realizing what true gifts are given to you and yours, even during the most trying times?

GRATITUDE time – identifying & SHARING

Again, identify and share what you are grateful for and what you would like for yourself and others for the coming new year?

May you and yours have a healthy and happy holiday season…Toast the New Year and bring joy for all!

I look forward to your words and always with Gratitude…